Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor

Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor
If you’re looking for the perfect, non-bulky monitor to take with you during your next workout, then you should definitely check out the new Bluetooth heart rate monitor. This is a type of wireless monitor, and as such it uses a chest strap and a transmitter, which is worn around the wrist like a watch. However, the key difference between the Bluetooth and all of the other types of monitors is the size of the actual device.

Here are a few of the top benefits to using a Bluetooth heart rate monitor:

1. A Bluetooth monitor is very small and compact. Both the strap and the transmitter are very thin, which makes it easy to conceal the chest strap with even the lightest, breathable work out apparel. Just hook on the strap, throw your shirt on and start exercising – no one will suspect you’re wearing anything but a watch.

2. You can hook up your monitor to all your favorite exercise apps. As the name implies, the Bluetooth heart rate monitor allows you to use any Bluetooth compatible exercise application during your workouts – you just sync up the programs and you’re good to go! This is incredibly useful if you need help with accountably and staying on track with your scheduled work out routines.

3. Bluetooth heart rate monitors provide continuous streams of data. Since all wireless heart rate monitors continually send and receive data, you can keep a much better eye on where your heart rate is at different times during your workout. This is not only beneficial for your own personal goals, but it can also warn you of any potential heart problems before they get serious.

4. A Bluetooth heart rate monitor is incredibly light weight. One of the major downfalls to some of the other types of heart monitors on the market is the overall bulkiness of the device – the straps are thick, heavy and uncomfortable, which definitely isn’t an incentive to hook them up for every workout. However, Bluetooth enabled heart rate monitors are extremely light in weight so that you can concentrate more on your exercises.

Washing your Bluetooth heart rate monitor

Another great benefit of the Bluetooth heart rate monitor is the face that the entire strap is completely machine washable – which is a huge plus when you’re out getting sweaty! There’s no reason to purchase a heart monitor that doesn’t include a strap that is easily cleaned off.