Garmin FR70 Heart Rate Monitor

The Garmin FR70 is the entry level heart rate monitor from Garmin aimed at runners. Don’t think it’s a basic heart rate monitor, Garmin don’t make basic heart rate monitors, but they do make their heart rate monitors extremely easy to use making them great for first-timers. If you’re looking for a high quality heart rate monitor with a range of useful features to get more out of your running and general training, and you don’t have a huge budget, then the FR70 is exactly what you’re looking for.

Garmin FR70 Heart Rate Monitor Best Price

The following are the current prices for the Polar FR70, we update these prices daily to ensure you always see the best possible price.

Garmin FR70 Heart Rate Monitor Features

The Garmin FR70 has all the essential heart rate features you’d expect, such as tracking your average and maximum heart rate, support for 5 heart rate zones, timer, display of your current heart rate and the number of calories you’ve burned.

The heart rate monitor includes ANT+ technology, allowing it to connect to other ANT+ devices such as the premium heart rate monitor (an upgraded version of the standard heart rate strap/monitor piece), the footpod, and any other ANT fitness device.

The FR70 has support for built-in workouts, intervals, and a feature called the Virtual Partner, which allows you to race against a virtual opponent, although you will need the optional footpod to use the Virtual Partner.

You can connect your heart rate monitor to the computer, wirelessly, to upload your workout data to the online Garmin Connect training community, where you can analyze your training logs, and participate in a variety of excellent online features designed to enhance your workouts and improve your fitness.

There’s built-in support for laps, so you can engage in interval training and any form of exercise where you can perform laps. You’ll be able to view data such as your average heart rate on each lap and upload that data to the Garmin Connect training community for long term storage and the ability to track how your fitness has improved over time.

Using the Garmin FR70

The Garmin FR70 is aimed at runners, and accordingly has a lot of features to track running related data. When paired with the footpod you’re able to track your speed, distance and running pace, with the ability to record all that data on the computer for later analysis. The Virtual Partner is a great feature, which allows you to setup an opponent to race against, further adding to the fun of your run and providing an incentive to work harder and maintain motivation.

It’s an extremely comfortable watch to wear and it looks particularly striking, coming in either a bright pink or a masculine blue. It’s also ideal for swimming since it’s water resistant to 30m and has support for laps.

Comparing the Garmin FR70 to Similar Heart Rate Monitors

Upgrade Model: the Garmin Forerunner 405 is the most logical upgrade from the FR70, since they’re both aimed at runners. It has a lot of extra features such as the ability to create your own custom, goal-oriented advanced workouts with various alerts informing you if you fall outside of your desired goals mid-workout.

Downgrade Model: none. There isn’t any heart rate monitors, for runners or otherwise, in the Garmin range that are a downgrade on the FR70


If you’re a runner that’s looking for an excellent heart rate monitor/running computer, then the FR70 will do everything you’ll need to take your running to the next level and vastly improve your fitness level beyond what you thought was possible. The ability to track your speed, pace and distance gives you the ability to run anywhere and still know how fast and how far you’ve travelled. Further, being able to upload all your fitness/running data online means you’ll be able to track your progress, make necessary adjustments and make massive improvements over time. For the price, the FR70 is a very advanced, yet easy to use companion for beginning runners through to seasoned athletes.