Garmin FR60 Heart Rate Monitor

The Garmin FR60 is a small, light heart rate monitor that comes with a footpod sensor for tracking your speed and distance that’s positioned to be a cheaper alternative to the GPS heart rate monitors. It contains all the fundamental training features that you’ll need to fully monitor and track your fitness and performance. One of the advantages of using a sensor to track your pace and speed is that you get instant feedback as you move as well as being able to use your watch in areas where you can’t get a gps signal such as in the gym or at an indoor running track.

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or you’re just looking to get a bit fitter the FR60 has both the ease of use and the features to meet your fitness needs. The watch is very comfortable and you barely notice that it’s on after the first 5 minutes. The footpod sensor is fairly secure and we had no problems with it coming loose or falling off when running.

Garmin FR60 Heart Rate Monitor Best Price

The following are the current prices for the Polar FR60, we update these prices daily to ensure you always see the best possible price.

Setting up the Garman FR60 HRM

The FR60 is extremely easy to setup and it works pretty much straight out the box with everything ready to go. All you have to do is connect the footpod to your trainers, put on the heart rate monitor then press the mode button and you’re good to go. You can also connect your FR60 to your computer via the usb port and use Garmin Connect to save all your workout data straight to the computer for analysis and monitoring of your progress over time.

Features of the FR60

The Garmin FR60 tracks all the usual statistics such as speed, heart rate, time, distance, pace, average speed. You set can program in your optimal heart rate zones and have the watch alert you when you fall out the ideal zone for the workout. It has features for interval training to enable you to set up periods to train and rest over the course of the workout which saves you manually timing the intervals with your timer.

There’s a virtual partner built into the watch that you can compete against for some added fun and variance in your workouts. One of the best features that distinguishes the Garmin FR60 from its competitors is that it’s water resistant to 50m. This is an incredible feature for a watch at this price. Even the more expensive heart rate monitors aren’t water resistant. It’s actually marketed as a triathlon friendly heart rate monitor and will cope with open water swimming.

My favorite feature of the FR60 is the Garmin Connect which is an online training aid packed with useful features that allows you to track historical fitness data, replay your fitness activities in real time and setup fitness plans and goals that will be automatically updated each time you connect your watch.


The Garmin FR60 is a very competitively priced, advanced fitness heart rate monitor packed with a myriad of useful features for monitoring and tracking your fitness. It’s particularly useful for those who want to incorporate swimming into their workouts or who are actively involved in triathlons, since it’s water resistant to 50m. It’s one of the more durable watches in this price range and with the Garmin Connect online portal it will allow you to monitor and track your fitness goals with the ultimate precision.