Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor

When you first un-box the Polar FT1 heart rate monitor you’ll immediately notice the clean, slick, modern design. The FT1 is a direct replacement for the popular Polar FS2c heart rate monitor and design wise it looks much cleaner and more appealing. It has only one button since it’s been designed with simplicity in mind and consequently is very user-friendly and easy to use, especially for people new to heart rate monitors. The watch feels comfortable on my wrist and the text on the screen is large and readable which is ideal for when you just glance your heart rate monitor during an intense workout.

Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor Best Price

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Features of the Polar FT1

The Polar FT1 is an entry level heart rate monitor and as such it only contains the essential training features: Average, minimum and maximum heart rate. It’ll return your heart rate in real time with the ability to manually enter your maximum heart rate to configure your training zone, and alert you if you fall outside of that zone with a loud alarm and a visual indicator on the watch. The watch has its own coded transmission signal so it doesn’t pick up other monitors. This is great for when you’re training with friends or in the gym where there are potentially many others with a heart rate monitor. It automatically records and logs the data from your training session for a post-workout analysis. This is a particularly handy feature for making sense of your workout. It’s a real bonus to find this feature on an entry level heart rate monitor.

The FT1 is water-resistant down to 100 feet so it’s perfect even for those outdoor runs when the weather is bad. Adding to the easy to use theme the watch comes with a feature called HeartTouch which allows you to move the watch close to your chest strap to perform certain actions instead of having to press the button. I love this feature since it means I quickly and easily check my workout data on the go. I also often go for runs outdoors when the weather is really cold so when I’m wearing gloves this feature will come in handy.

Initial Training Session with the Polar FT1

My first training session with the FT1 felt good with the chest strap being comfortable and unobtrusive. The watch provided me with a clear, concise display with the most important parts of my workout and I was able to easily view all the data during my workout with the HeartTouch feature. I was able to hear the alarm when I went outside my target heart rate zone above my headphones which is extremely useful. After my workout, it displayed all my heart rate data nicely for me to review and see how I performed.


The Polar FT1 is a great purchase if you’re looking to get your first heart rate monitor and want an effective, easy to use monitor with everything you’ll need to track your workouts and progress with your training. It comes with a 2 year warranty and it’s from a well trusted company with years of experience building heart rate monitors. If you’re on a limited budget and looking to take your training to the next level it’s a must have.