Polar FT2 Heart Rate Monitor

If you’re looking for an entry level heart rate monitor and you’re on a budget then the Polar FT2 could be just what you’re looking for. A heart rate monitor is an essential piece of kit if you’re looking to get fitter or maybe lose some weight. Depending on your fitness goals you’ll want to stay in certain heart rate zones, for instance to lose weight you should aim to stay at 60% to 70% of your maximum heart rate, and to increase your aerobic(heart and lung) capacity you should aim for 70% to 80% of your maximum heart rate.

Polar FT2 Heart Rate Monitor Best Price

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Polar FT2 Heart Rate Monitor Features

As an entry level heart rate monitor the Polar FT2 isn’t feature packed, but it does contain the essential training data that you need to have a good workout. It will display the current time, day and date as well as the current workout time, and there’s a back light so you can read the display in the dark. Heart rate target zones can be setup with a visual and audible alarm. You can set your target heart rate zone as either a percentage of your maximum heart rate (MHR), calculable from age, or you can set it as a percentage of your heart rate reserve (HRR), resting heart rate subtracted from maximum heart rate, which is a more accurate way to train.

The Polar FT2 has its own coded transmission frequency, so it won’t inadvertently pick up signals from other training devices. At the end of each workout you’ll be provided with a summary showing you your training time, average heart rate, and maximum heart rate. Another excellent feature is the alarm you can setup if you go over a certain heart rate. For instance for health reasons it might be important for you to stay under a heart rate of 180 so you can tell the watch to alert you if you go over it.

Additionally the unit has a comfortable, mid-sized wrist strap and a good sized heart rate strap which are both comfortable. The heart rate monitor is water resistant to 30m so you’re able to go for runs in the rain and use the monitor while swimming.

Using the Polar FT2

The watch and heart rate strap remain comfortable under prolonged use and the screen has a large, clear font that’s easy to read while training. I’ve tried a lot of different one button watches over the years and I’ve found a lot of them difficult to use, but the Polar FT2’s one button interface is actually surprisingly easy to operate.

Just be sure not to hit the button again after you’ve started exercising, as it’ll reset the data and the timer will come to a stop. Only one piece of data can be displayed at a time, so to change the display you need to use the HeartTouch feature and move the watch close to the heart rate strap. This isn’t really a big deal since it’s more comfortable and easier to move your watch hand in to your chest to change display once in a while as opposed to having to push a button during training.

Comparing the Polar FT2 to the Polar FT4 and the Polar FT1

Upgrade Model: the Polar FT4 The Polar FT4 heart rate monitor is the next model in the range, and contains more workout recording features. Not only will it display more training data in your summary, including calories burned, but it will also record each of your sessions and store them for future viewing, unlike the FT2 which only displays the previous workout information. It’s also got multiple display languages.

Downgrade Model: the Polar FT1 The Polar FT1 heart rate monitor is the previous model and it contains similar features to the FT2 except you’ll have to calculate your own heart rate zones. There’s no automatic calculation.


The Polar FT2 is a good all round entry-level heart rate monitor for both men and women. If you’re looking to purchase your first training watch and aren’t sure about which features you’ll need then the FT2 will be an excellent choice for you.