Polar FT40 Heart Rate Monitor

If you’re looking for an advanced heart rate monitor that is packed full useful training features, but you can’t quite afford one of the GPS/Censor based distance/speed monitors, then the FT 40 is just what you’re looking for. It’s a heart rate monitor aimed at the more serious fitness enthusiast or the beginner who’s serious about getting fit. The FT40 will help you to progress further than you thought possible and you’ll have a lot of fun while doing it.

Polar FT40 Heart Rate Monitor Best Price

The following are the current prices for the Polar FT40, we update these prices daily to ensure you always see the best possible price.

Polar FT 40 Heart Rate Monitor Features

All the standard features that you’d expect in any mid-level heart rate monitor are in the FT40, plus a whole lot more. You can setup your heart rate zone automatically with the age-based calculation, or you can enter the maximum beats per second (BPS) for your own manual heart rate zone. You’ll be alerted with a visual/audible alarm when you go outside your target heart rate zone. The graphical display is a particularly nice feature, but you’ll find that on some of the lower end Polar models too. What you won’t find on them is the ZonePointer feature which gives you a visual icon on your watch that moves depending on where you are inside the target heart rate zone. With this feature you can easily reach your desired intensity, pace, speed, and cadence (for cyclists) targets.

The ZoneLock feature is another that you won’t find on the lower models and it allows you to “lock in” to a certain heart rate zone to maintain that intensity for however long you like. For instance you could increase your intensity to get into the 80% to 90% max heart rate zone, and then press the ZoneLock button to lock in and maintain that for as long as possible, being alerted with the usual visual/audible means if you drop out of the locked in target zone. You can also test your fitness with the Polar fitness test feature. It’ll calculate your current fitness level, as well as your VO2Max, which is a unique feature at this price range.

You can connect your FT 40 to your PC or Mac after your workouts and upload the data to the polarpersonaltrainer.com online training system where you can keep track of your training history, assess your training goals, create new training programs and perform different types of analysis on your training data. It’s particularly useful if you have a personal trainer, since he or she can use the data to monitor your progress and continually assess your needs to provide you with a better training program.

Using the Polar FT40

The FT 40 looks fantastic, and it comes in a range of colours. It’s comfortable, has a good sized display and a clear, readable font. It’s easy to program in your settings and have it automatically calculate your heart rate training zones. One of my favourite features is the Polar OwnCal, which will calculate how much fat you’ve burned based on the number of calories you burn and the personal information you enter.

Comparing the Polar FT 40 to the Polar FT60 and the Polar FT7

Upgrade Model: the FT60 The immediate upgrade is the Polar FT60 which is the first of the Polar heart rate monitors to measure distance/speed and comes with GPS supports and a foot sensor.

Downgrade Model: the FT7 The Polar FT7 heart rate monitor doesn’t have the fitness test, the ZoneLock or the ZonePointer features.


A feature packed heart rate monitor with a wide variety of features to make your workouts more fun and more productive. It’s priced very reasonably for the amount of features the build quality. The FT 40 will last 5-10 years if you take care of it making it a great investment in your future health and fitness.