Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor

The Polar FT60 is the first in a range of heart rate monitors from Polar that has add-ons for calculating your speed and distance while running. The FT60 is an advanced monitor that has a range of features allowing you to get the most out of your workouts, and is particularly good for running enthusiasts since you can get the optional footpod sensor, or the GPS unit.

Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor Best Price

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Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor Features

The FT60 has all the standard features you’d expect on a heart rate monitor at this price range, as well as a lot of unique features to improve your fitness level. It has a feature called OwnZone which will calculate your heart rate zone automatically during your workout. It watches your heart rate and how it changes over time and calculates a zone that fits for your current state at that exact time and date. The Polar STAR Training program is another fantastic feature that’s introduced in the FT60, and it acts as a personal trainer, taking your vital statistics into account and generating a custom training program for you, which it will then take you through as you workout.

The FT60 can connect to your PC or Mac to upload the training data to polarpersonaltrainer.com for keeping a training diary, monitoring your progress and getting new training plans. The watch its self will maintain data for your past 100 training sessions, so even if you forget to upload your last few sessions to the computer, you can still upload them all in bulk when you get around to logging on your computer.

What really sets the FT60 apart is the ability to use the GPS sensor, or the footpod, to track your distance and speed while running. You can track the distance in both km and miles, either for the total training session, or since the last time the device was reset, allowing you to track distance over the past, say, 7 days. It’ll display your current speed, in km per hour, or miles per hour, and your current pace. Your post-workout data will also show you your average and maximum pace over the course of the training session.

Using the Polar FT60

The FT60 is a stylish heart rate monitor that not only functions well, but looks good too. It’s comfortable, and contains a lot of information on the display that’s easily readable while in the heat of training. Everything’s easy to setup and the instruction manual guides you through everything, so you can get out and enjoy your first workout with your new monitor as soon as possible. The GPS or footpod, whichever you decide to use are both light and unobtrusive, but add a new dimension to your running. The best feature is being able to see your current and average running pace. When you don’t know your current pace it’s very difficult, if not impossible to track your running progress.

Comparing the Polar FT60 to the Polar FT40 and the Polar FT80

Upgrade model: the FT80 The Polar FT 80 heart rate monitor contains a relaxation test to help you reach maximum relaxation levels in-between workouts, a strength training guide that tells you when you’ve had enough rest in-between sets, and an advanced post-workout analysis through the online polarpersonaltrainer.com service.

Downgrade model: the Polar FT40 lacks the ability to measure your distance and speed, and also lacks STAR training and OwnZone features.


If you’re serious about running then you need the FT60. There’s no question about it, if you want to improve your distance and running times week in, week out, then you need to be able to monitor and track your distance and average pace. It’s reasonably expensive, but for what you get it’s actually really good value, and what you have to remember is the Polar FT60 will last you 5-10 years, so if you calculate the price per year over the 10 years it works out to be extremely good value.