Suunto Heart Rate Monitor

If you’ve been searching for the perfect heart rate monitor that combines style, accuracy and comfort into one great product, then you should definitely check out the Suunto heart rate monitor range. These are wireless monitors, as well – each one comes with a flexible chest strap designed for comfort and easy assembly. Some straps are more light weight than others, so make sure you are choosing your heart rate monitor in accordance to your planned activity levels.

When it comes to the Suunto heart rate monitor range of products, there are many different quality models to choose from – here are few of the top picks:

1. Suunto T6 Heart Rate Monitor. One of the most popular Suunto heart rate monitor range models, the T6 seamlessly combines usability with superior measurements. In addition to accurately tracking your heart rate during physical activity, the T6 can also be programmed to monitor your other vital statistics – like the amount of energy you expend.

2. Suunto T6C Heart Rate Monitor. If you’ve already tried out the T6, then you’ll love the T6C – especially if you do any rigorous outdoor activity, like climbing or diving. One of the key features of this Suunto heart rate monitor range model is that it can go with you on underwater dives up to 330 feet – this level of water resistance makes it well worth the price because you can keep track of your vitals, even while being submerged.

3. Suunto M4 Heart Rate Monitor. If you’re looking for a very basic heart rate monitor, then you may be interested in the M4 model in the Suunto heart rate monitor range. This particular model is very similar to the M1 in that the screen is easy to read; however, the M4 comes in a spunky set of colors, which include hot pink and blue. Another great feature of the M4 is that each one comes with a set of motivational messages that can help keep you focused on reaching your fitness goals.

In addition to accurately monitoring your heart rate, the Suunto heart rate monitor range is well known for providing many other valuable features. For instance, many models also go behind being a simple heart rate monitor by also tracking your oxygen level, energy consumption, and respiratory rate, as well as the amount of calories that you burn during each workout. There are many monitors on the market that are jam-packed with so many usable features, while also being stylish to wear, as well!